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Services Pricing and Process
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AQHA/APHA Member Management Pricing 

Subscribe for Points Management Services

$200 - Annual Subscription. Maintain and generate Association Point Standings for web publishing and end of the year awards.

At the time of your new subscription to Evangeline Services, we would need your current membership listing and your association's rules in order to set up your points criteria.

$0 - Import associations Current Membership from Excel or Access DB into our Data Base.  Limited time fee is $0: a $750 value (Based on a 300 membership listing).

$100 Annual - Evangeline Service also offers your association's points standing web publishing on our site.  As soon as point standings are calculated Evangeline Services will publish to our Site and you can set a link to your association's points to our server.  example: www.evangelineweb.com/sbra.htm


Show Results sent to Evangeline Services:

Auto Show Results Upload  by Evangeline Services

$2.00 per each new Membership information data entry/annual membership data update into data base.

$1.00 per member entry/result per show - Class results along with Upload files. sent to Evangeline Services for electronic upload into Evangeline Services' system.

Manual Show Results input by Evangeline Services

$2.00 per each new Membership data entry/annual membership data update into software

$2.00 per member entry/result per show -  Manual entry for each hard copy result received from the show secretary to Evangeline Services.



Emailing Results to trudyb5@cox.net

1. Any new memberships. Membership forms can be scanned to .pdf format and attached to email. or send new membership info in spread sheet or word doc.

2. Class results reports from shows-  Generated from the show secretary in pdf format.  Attach each show's class results to e-mail.

3. show results upload .txt files - generated from show secretaries horse show system.

Mailing Results

1. Any new memberships - hard copy.

2. Hard copies of class results  -  Printed from the show secretaries show results.

3. show results upload .txt files - generated from show secretaries horse show system.  On Floppy disk, CD or e-mailed to trudyb5@cox.net

   Evangeline Services
   603 Resweber St.
   St. Martinville, LA 70582

Evangeline Services Procedure after receiving Results:

1. generate up to date standings

2. generate standings reports for web publishing (example: www.evangelineweb.com/sbra.htm )


For the associations who want to maintain their own in house memberships and points you can purchase Member Ease (Member Management Software) Go to  FunnWare Development for more information.




Send to Evangeline Services (trudyb5@cox.net)

new memberships
class results reports
show upload text files

Evangeline Services sends back to you

Membership Standings for publication.

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